I-tec: Revolutionary Internorm Technologies


The innovative locking is the first real revolution in hardware systems since introducing the turn/tilt hardware at the beginning of the 1970‘s. For many years Internorm has been using concealed hinges as standard. Additionally, Internorm is applying the same principle to the window frame – no visible hardware.

I-tec locking is currently used with the home pure UPVC & UPVC/aluminium window KF 500 and is revolutionary in more than one aspect: No visible locking parts on the frame are necessary – instead of protruding locking pegs, integrated flaps ensure the safe locking of the sash. The connections of the locking flaps are carried out invisibly in the hollow chambers of the sash profile.

Convenient cleaning

Cleaning of the frame is made easier as there are hardly any locking parts. The few parts on the sash hardly protrude and in between the parts is the smooth, easy to clean UPVC surface of the profile.

Security which convinces

Windows with I-tec locking comply already in their standard version with resistance class RC2N (with lockable handle and burglary resistant glass RC2) acc. to EN 1627-1630 – as standard tested burglary protection.

Perfect stability and sophisticated design

The ingenious construction enables 30 % less wide view widths. Generous window sizes and energy saving triple glazing require heavy sash versions. The window is held by a four-joint hinge at the bottom and a stay-arm hinge at the top. The new construction of hinge parts allows sash weights of up to 130 kg in compact design.

Advantages at a glance:30 % less wide view widths of frame and sash RC2N as standard without functioning restrictions Trendsetting thermal insulation as standard Uw ≤ 0.69 W/m²K



Fresh air and energy saving are the main advantages of the directly integrated ventilation in the window. With I-tec ventilation the rooms are aired automatically, energy effi ciently and according to the requirements.


Fresh air ensures wellbeing, good sleep, high concentration and high performance. Even allergy sufferers can breathe again – the optional fi tting of fi lters prevents fi ne dusts and fl ower pollen from entering. Through the regulated I-tec ventilation also mould formation is prevented.

Energy saving

Uncontrolled quick maximum air exchange or permanant airing can lead to high energy losses. The I-tec ventilator is equipped with an integrated heat exchanger with high efficiency. Energy losses are reduced to a minimum through the achieved 86 % heat recovery.


The I-tec ventilator is completely integrated into the new home pure window system KF 500. On the outside and inside of the window only narrow ventilation grids are visible. Contrary to conventional ventilation systems, there is neither interference with the interior or exterior architecture, nor high energy losses resulting from uncontrolled quick maximum air exchange or permanent airing. Fitting the ventilator is carried out in the same process as installing the window.


Windows with integrated I-tec ventilation supply the rooms permanently with fresh, clean air. At the same time damp and used air, unpleasant smells and pollutants are automatically exchanged for fresh air. The control element is fitted directly on the window, thus enabling convenient operation of the ventilator.


The I-tec ventilation system also increases security as the window remains closed for the air exchange and therefore, the burglary protection remains intact. When leaving the house there is no uncertainty if the windows were closed after airing.



Photovoltaic blind: All Internorm composite window systems can be fitted with a motor driven blind without an external power source. The energy is gained directly at the window via a photovoltaic module which is integrated into the blind cover and therefore, provides self-sufficient power for the electric motor. It is saved in a battery and is available when required. Permanent charging of the battery takes place already with diffuse day light.

Your advantages

• no energy costs

• no extra fitting

• no chiselling work as no electric cables are needed.

Consequently, this sun protection is ideal in refurbishments as there is often no power supply available. The blind is ready to use straight after the window has been installed and can be retro-fitted to almost any Internorm composite window. The control occurs via wireless – more blinds can be controlled in combination.



Many window panes are only connected to the frame in very few positions. Internorm uses FIX-O-ROUND Technology as standard for a continuous all round fixing.

The advantage of this technology lies in the continuous connection of the window frame with the glass pane. This improves stability, thermal insulation and soundproofing, burglary protection and functioning of the window for its entire lifespan.

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