Low-energy house

The definition of a low-energy house is one which has an annual energy consumption of 30-70 kWh/m²a. By using the appropriate glazing all Internorm window-systems conform to the low-energy standard.

Passive House

"Passive house" is the term given to a building in which a comfortable ambient temperature can be achieved without the use of a conventional heating system. This presupposes that the annual energy consumption will not exceed 15 kWh/m²a. The name derives from the fact that generally the sun’s rays through the glass, coupled with the heat generated by the people and appliances within the building are sufficient to maintain a comfortable ambient temperature throughout the time that heating is required. The remaining heating requirement is supplied by warming the air current flowing through the existing ventilation system. Passive houses require approximately 80% less heating energy as new-builds according to the German heat conservation mandate of 1995.

The window in a passive house plays a prominent role in two ways – firstly, the heat loss despite large glass surfaces can be reduced and secondly, windows increase the possibilities for heat gain through solar irradiation.

Internorm‘s highly thermally insulating energy saving windows fulfil this seemingly contradictory dual capacity exemplary: Triple heat protection glazing achieves Ug values of up to 0.5 W/m2K and g values (overall energy transmission factors) of up to 62 % – depending on coating and gas fillings.

In comparison Ug values of conventional windows often lie at around 1.4 W/m2K. Besides the glazing however you have to consider the insulation of the window frame as well as thermal bridges at the glass edge and in the connecting area window to wall.

Essential Principles For Construction Of Passive House Windows:

• Highly thermally insulating glazing

• Highly thermally insulating frame

• Thermally optimised composite edge

• Expert installation, thermally optimised

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